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2024 Hunting Season Begins July 22

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June 27, 2024

In response to requests from the public to increase recreational hunting opportunities on Catalina Island, the Conservancy will host a 2024 hunting season beginning July 22.

The California Fish and Game Commission recently approved up to 1,000 tags for the 2024 season – twice the number allotted in previous years. The tags will be allocated in phases with 500 tags issued initially, followed by two phases of 250 tags based on demand.

The season will open July 22 for Island residents only. Hunting opportunities will be expanded to off-Island residents beginning September 12. Both rifle and bow hunting will be permitted throughout the season, which ends December 26.

As always, safety is a priority. The increased number of tags will be carefully managed with designated hunting zones and limits to the number of hunters permitted on the landscape daily. California requires hunters to complete a safety course before hunting.

While recreational hunting has failed to control the non-native mule deer population over the past two decades, any increase in the number of deer taken would be a positive outcome for protecting the rare, native plants and animals that make Catalina unique.

For more information on permits and regulations please visit our hunting page.