Hunting Permits

The Catalina Island Conservancy welcomes hunters as conservation partners in responsibly managing the Island’s introduced mule deer population.  In partnership with California’s Fish and Wildlife under a Private Lands Management  (PLM) agreement, this program is an important tool in conservation efforts on Catalina Island.

Obtain your hunting permit by following the guidelines below.

Hunting Zones and Dates

The hunting season schedule including open zone dates, times and weapon class is provided below.

*Note: Hunting is closed to the public from September 16th – November 21st.

*No guided hunting permitted unless by Wild Life West.

Hunting Zone Maps

The four hunting zone maps below provide the hunting jurisdiction with individual closeup zone diagrams including zones 1, 2, 3, 4.  The full overview of the Island is provided just below. Please note that each zone is open at different times throughout the hunting season. Please see the hunting and zone schedule above.  

Zone 1 Map Zone 2 Map Zone 3 Map Zone 4 Map

Hunting Map

Requirements, Rules & Resources


To participate in the Catalina Island hunting program, hunters must follow a series of steps and meet certain requirements in order to obtain a hunting tag. Here is a summary of the requirements:

1. Obtain a Conservancy membership at the Explorer level or higher.  To view member levels, benefits and purchase your membership click here.

2. Provide the following required documents:

  • Valid California Hunting License.
  • Firearms Liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $500,000.
  • Proof of identification (Valid Driver’s License, ID, or Passport)
  • Catalina Island residents must have an Avalon address on their driver’s license as proof of residency to receive resident discounts and resident tag exchanges
  • California state deer tag required prior to applying.

3. Post-Harvest Reporting, all hunters must notify the Conservancy no later than two (2) days after harvest and return tags no later than five (5) days after harvest. During the final week of the season, ALL tags must be returned no later than close of business on December 18th for transfer of information to the CDFW by the PLM deadline. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in forfeiture of tag deposit and potential temporary or permanent placement on the no-hunt list. 

4. Comply with all California hunting regulations, as outlined in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Website.

5. Wear blaze orange clothing (hat, vest, shirt, or jacket). 

6. Hunt only within designated hours, zones, and access points. 

7. Use non-lead ammo for rifle hunting.

Non-hunters accompanying hunters must sign a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk document and may not carry weapons or hunt without their own completed application and tag exchange.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in suspension from the hunting program or loss of hunting privileges with no refunds.

Hunting Transportation

Transportation to and around Catalina Island for hunting purposes requires careful planning and adherence to specific rules and regulations. Here is a detailed explanation of the transportation options and suggestions for hunting on Catalina Island: 

Travel to Catalina Island: The primary mode of transportation to Catalina Island is via ferry services that operate from the mainland. Several companies offer regular trips from various locations, such as Long Beach, San Pedro, and Dana Point. Alternatively, helicopter services are available for a faster and more scenic journey to the island. For more information on transport services to the island click here. 

Bikes and E-bikes: Bicycles and e-bikes are allowed on designated bike paths on Catalina Island. However, they are not permitted off approved bike paths or behind locked gates. When hunting, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the approved bike routes and avoid biking in restricted areas. For more information on biking click here. 

Hiking: Hiking is a popular way to access hunting zones on the island. Be sure to check the specific rules and regulations for each hunting area, as some may require a permit or have other restrictions. Wear appropriate gear, carry sufficient water, and plan your route in advance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. For more information on hiking click here. 

Transportation Services:  Catalina Island Conservancy operates shuttles that can transport hunters to specific hunting zones. Be sure to check the shuttle schedule and book your spot in advance, as seating may be limited.

Vehicle Restrictions: When hunting on Catalina Island, it is important to adhere to vehicle restrictions. Only vehicles with approved road permits can access the island’s interior, and any road behind a locked gate can only be accessed by foot or with a 4×4 vehicle. Be aware of these restrictions when planning your hunting trip to avoid any complications. For more information click here. 

Given the multiple transportation options available for hunting on Catalina Island, it is crucial to plan your trip carefully, adhere to island-specific rules and regulations, and make reservations to ensure a smooth and enjoyable hunting experience. 

Rules & Regulations

Hunting on Catalina Island involves strict rules and regulations to ensure the safety of hunters, residents, and visitors, and to protect the environment and wildlife. The following is a clear explanation of the key rules and regulations when hunting on Catalina Island: 

Hunting Hours: No hunting is allowed 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Be aware of the legal hunting hours and plan your activities accordingly. 

Firearm Restrictions: Firearms must not be loaded inside vehicles, and no firearms or weapons are allowed in interior campsites or public buildings. It is also illegal to hunt from a moving or parked vehicle. 

  1. Hunting Zones: Be aware of the open and approved hunting zones based on zone maps and hunt only in those areas. Possible zones are subject to closure, we will notify closures on the Conservancy’s website. 
  2. Vehicle and Road Restrictions: Hunters must comply with road and vehicle restrictions on Catalina Island. Access to the interior is limited to approved vehicles with road permits, and bicycles (including e-bikes) are not permitted off approved bike paths. 
  3. Hunting Reservations and Notifications: Reservations are required for hunting dates and zones. Hunters must notify the Conservancy of their plans by 3:00 pm the day before hunting. 
  4. Tag Returns and Reporting: Hunters must report their harvest within two days and return tags to the authorized Conservancy staff within five days of a successful harvest. During the final week of the season, all tags must be returned no later than the specified deadline. 
  5. Environmental Protection: The goal of the PLM season is to manage and protect Catalina Island’s natural resources while allowing for sustainable hunting opportunities. Hunters are expected to respect the environment, avoid littering, and minimize their impact on the island’s ecosystem. 

By adhering to these rules and regulations, hunters contribute to the sustainable management of Catalina Island’s natural resources and help protect the environment for future generations. 

For any additional information please call 310-510-2595 x310 or email us at [email protected]. 

Pricing & Permit Application

Catalina Island Resident hunters: 

  • $100 deposit for one PLM* tag. The deposit will be refunded as long as the PLM tag is returned to the conservancy office within 5 days of successful take, AND no later than December 26.  


  • $300 fee for two PLM* tags $200 is held as deposit. The deposit will be refunded as long as the PLM tag is returned to the conservancy office within 5 days of successful take, AND no later than December 26. 


Non-Resident hunters: 

  • $200 fee for one PLM* tag $100 will be held as a deposit. The deposit will be refunded as long as the PLM tag is returned to the conservancy office within 5 days of successful take, AND no later than December 26. 


  • $400 fee for two PLM* tags $200 will be held as a deposit. The deposit will be refunded as long as the PLM tag is returned to the conservancy office within 5 days of successful take, AND no later than December 26. 

Payment will be collected at the time of hunting permit pickup.  Please come prepared with the amount tendered as provided in your confirmation email.  All payments will be accepted via credit card or debit card.  Cash and checks are not accepted.

*Private Land Management 

To inquire about a hunting permit please contact us below.

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