Volunteer with the Catalina Island Conservancy

If you would like to contribute to the protection and preservation of the unique flora and fauna on Santa Catalina Island, come volunteer for the Catalina Island Conservancy! Your experience will serve as an excellent opportunity to learn about the unique ecology of Catalina Island, give back to the environment and have some fun all at the same time. Our volunteer program has group and individual volunteer opportunities with projects restoring and preserving Santa Catalina Island. You can participate in a one-time special event or volunteer over several weeks, months or even years.

Individual Programs

We’re always looking for Interpretation and Hospitality, Special Events, Horticulture, and Conservation & Trails Volunteers. You can complete an online application or contact us.



Group Programs

Opportunities for group volunteers will vary and are season dependent. To learn more about arranging a program for your group, please contact us directly.

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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about our specific volunteer opportunities by clicking below.

Catalina Island Marathon- March 11

Dates: March 11, 2023
Volunteer Type: Special Event

Special Event assistance for the Catalina Island Marathon.

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Annual Conservancy Ball- April 19-23

Dates: April 19-23, 2023
Volunteer Type: Special Event

Special Event assistance for the Conservancy’s largest fundraiser of the year.

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Ackerman Native Plant Nursery- Every Other Thursday

Dates: Every other Thursday, from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Volunteer Type: Horticulture
Requirements: Naturalist Trainings 1 + 2

Assist Conservancy staff with caring for plant life at the Ackerman Native Plant Nursery.

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Monthly Beach Cleanup- Saturday (once per month)

Dates: One Saturday per month, TBD
Volunteer Type: Field Conservation
Requirements: Naturalist Trainings 1 + 2 & Friday Night Lecture Series attendance

This role focuses on working together with Conservancy staff in the field, directly caring for the land, its species, and the trails that are used by so many to enjoy Catalina. Specific roles and duties change seasonally.

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Interpretation & Hospitality - Seasonal

Dates: Seasonal/Weekends
Volunteer Type: Interpretation

The top priority of a Conservancy Interpretation Volunteer is to engage with people! This may include sharing conservation information, helping them learn how best to recreate on the land, or even doing an activity with our youngest learners.

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