Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

A Timeless Place, an Endless Purpose: Turning Vision into Action

The Conservancy’s five-year strategic plan details the visions, actions, and indicators of success to fulfill our mission to be an exemplary steward of Island resources through a balance of conservation, education, and recreation.  

Aerial view of Catalina Island for introduction of Strategic Plan.


For more than 50 years, the Catalina Island Conservancy has embraced a mission set forth by its founders to maintain the integrity of one of the most important island ecosystems on Earth. Now is the time to execute the vision for Catalina Island and share with the world that successful ecosystem management can coexist with opportunities for nature recreation inclusive of people of all backgrounds and abilities.


beautifully functioning Island ecosystem for all to enjoy.


The Conservancy’s values not only reflect the importance of Catalina Island’s ecosystems as natural wonders, but also of the people who enjoy and steward this incredible place.

Values: Place

floral coastal view of catalina island
  • We value Catalina Island ecosystems as natural wonders and havens for native species. Catalina Island is a place of enjoyment and respite, and a treasured piece of California history. 
  • We believe that exemplary stewardship of Catalina Island should be a successful balance of conservation, environmental education, and recreation, where each is pursued in ways that enhance the other.
  • We are committed to make Catalina a model to address solutions to environmental challenges and shape a sustainable future.

Values: People

catalina island education
  • We believe that people from all backgrounds should have access to a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable experience on Conservancy lands.
  • We believe that exemplary nature-based recreation and education are powerful vehicles for engaging people in stewardship of natural and cultural resources on Catalina and beyond. 
  • We understand that providing the systems and supports for the wellbeing of the Conservancy’s employees and their families is critical to success.
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to serve the residents of Catalina Island and greater Los Angeles County/Southern California.
  • We recognize the importance of the history and culture of past, current, and future residents of Catalina Island.

Vision to Action

The Conservancy will invest in the organization, its team, audiences, and beautiful Catalina Island to bring five major visions into reality.

Vision 1: Landscape Restoration

an individual conducting conservation efforts on Catalina Island


Completion of a major Catalina Island landscape restoration project, protecting native plants and animals from extinction and enhancing people’s engagement with and understanding of the Island.


We will come together as an organization-wide cross-functional team to complete the gateway projects critical to conservation, education, and recreation success on Catalina Island: managing the introduced mule deer herd and building out the capacity and infrastructure to manage flora and fauna at a landscape level.

Vision 2: Mission-Focused Portfolio


All Conservancy facilities, programs, and partnerships belong in our portfolio and each clearly benefits the Conservancy’s mission and goals.


We will conduct a thorough audit of every Conservancy facility, partnership, business, and program and ensure that, taking nothing for granted, each is set up in the short- and long-term best interests of the Conservancy.

Vision 3: Passionate Stakeholders


The residents of Catalina Island, Los Angeles County, and Southern California see the Conservancy as a premier recreation and learning destination, a model for balanced land conservation solutions, and an example of how to build successful cultural partnerships.


We will study who our key audiences are now, resolve who we want them to be, build clearly defined and messaged offerings to attract and satisfy those stakeholders, and engage in a long-term evaluation of how we are meeting their needs, while prioritizing solutions that benefit the residents of Catalina Island as a whole.

Vision 4: Dedicated Team

a Catalina Island Fox being released by a conservation biologist


To be an action-oriented, collaborative, and successful team of leaders, staff, board, volunteers, and auxiliary groups where individuals feel supported and respected.


We will invest in a healthy team, all-around staff recruitment and housing solutions, implement clear decision-making procedures, enact the Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) plan, and evolve the board, volunteers, and auxiliary groups to meet current needs and be representative of our audience.

Vision 5: Inspired Advocates

two people hiking on the Trans-Catalina Trail


We have a strong reputation for delivering on our mission and are a popular investment option for philanthropists and partners interested in achieving large-scale conservation solutions.


We will increase the number of times key decision-makers see our name, understand our mission, hear of our conservation, recreation, and education accomplishments, and learn of major philanthropic investments in our goals.

By achieving our goals, we will improve life on Catalina Island, make a difference in the world, and serve as a model for island stewardship everywhere.