Catalina Island Hiking

When it comes to hiking, Catalina Island cannot be beat. No other Channel Island features the diversity that Catalina has to offer.

More than 165 miles of trails and roads beckon all levels of hikers. An assortment of loop trails give day hikers a great glimpse at a variety of Island locales, returning them to where they started. Of course, the grand-daddy of them all is the Trans-Catalina Trail, a 38.5 miles trail that traverses the entire Island, beginning at Avalon, stretching out to Parson’s Landing on the West End, looping back to Two Harbors for the finish.

Before starting out on your journey, Catalina Island Hiking Permits are required for your safety. They are free of charge and accessible below, or can be obtained at the Trailhead visitor center, Airport in the Sky, and Two Harbors Visitor Information Center. Please also be sure to also read our Policies & Information resources.

For Your Safety, Catalina Island Hiking Permits Are Required


Want a Better Map?

To purchase a Catalina Island hiking map with additional features for only $4.99, please visit the Trailhead visitor center, Airport in the Sky, Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden or Two Harbor Visitor Services

a person hiking a Catalina Island trail

Trekking Catalina

There are 165 total miles of recreational trails and roads. Catalina Island hiking trails can be accessed from 17 trailheads across the island.



a person hiking a Catalina Island trail

Catalina Island Hiking Safety

Please view our cautions, rules and regulations, sustainable use, and hiking tip guidelines to have a fun and safe hiking experience.

Cautions & Policies