Ensuring Resiliency

The Conservancy’s Conservation programs focus on resiliency of the Island and its plant and animal populations, partnerships with researchers and implementation of long-term studies, preservation of historic cultural resources, and synergy of conservation efforts with education and recreation programming.


floral coastal view of catalina island

Jes Stackhausen

Habitat Restoration

Preserving habitat via plant management is one of the major initiatives of the Conservancy. Catalina is home to nine endemic plant species and over 40 rare plant species. Learn more about these initiatives here!

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Wildlife Programs

The Wildlife Program supports resilient native animal populations where rare and endemic Island fauna are not at risk.  Learn more about how the wildlife team is actively conserving over 50 endemic species including the Catalina Island fox, Catalina Island Ornate shrew, seabirds, herpetofauna, and songbirds.

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Catalina’s Plants & Animals

Catalina Island is a haven for biodiversity with 16 unique and rare plant communities and at least 60 known species of plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. See the full list of plants and animals, native and non-native, that are found on Catalina Island.

Plants & Animals


The Catalina Island Conservancy maintains active collaborations with partners in academia, research institutions, NGOs and other land trusts to expand the knowledge and educational base for its own and society’s management needs.

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Catalina Island is a living laboratory for the exploration of all manner of applied and theoretical questions. To do research on Conservancy land a permit and proposal is required.

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The Catalina Island Conservancy hosts paid internships in collaboration with the American Conservation Experience ACE, USC, and CSULB. Students and young professionals spend time on Catalina Island, contributing to conservation efforts during a “learn-by-doing” experience.

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