Catalina Boat-In Camping

The Island boasts over 62 miles of unspoiled beaches—the longest publicly accessible stretch of undeveloped coastline in Southern California—including secluded coves and exceptional Catalina boat-in camping opportunities

Catalina boat-in camping allows you to enjoy true seclusion along the amazing Pacific coast. There are 17 sites at nine locations around the northeast shore of Avalon.

catalina boat-in camping site

Each Catalina boat-in campsite is unique in location and regulations. The sites are all primitive, with no running water, shade structures, moorings or sanitation stations. Campers are required to bring their own portable restroom and pack out any trash or waste. Because fires are not allowed, cooking must be done in a self-contained BBQ or camp stove.

For camping reservations call: 310-510-4205 or click here for more info.