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Creating a More Resilient Island

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October 2023

The Catalina Island Conservancy is proud to announce the Catalina Island Restoration Project – a bold and ambitious plan that is at the very core of our organization’s mission to foster a resilient and healthy Island for generations to come.

The Project, which builds upon the more than fifty years of conservation and educational work by the Conservancy, focuses on safeguarding and supporting the Island’s natural ability to protect itself and those who call it home by concentrating on habitat restoration, plant restoration and species management. While the Project comes with difficult decisions, the timing has never been more essential as the impacts of climate change are being felt globally and locally at an expedited pace.

This opportunity to make a significant, positive change for the future of Catalina Island is one of the greatest conservation efforts to date in the state of California.

We invite you to learn more about the Catalina Island Restoration Project by visiting



Nature on Canvas

View the Island with a new perspective at the Catalina: The Wild Side Art Show & Sale, online and at Newport Harbor Yacht Club on Sunday, October 22. Throughout the year, 10 nationally renowned artists have brought their easels and paints to Catalina to capture its magic on canvas. This year’s artists with works on display and available for purchase are Suzie Baker, Carl Bretzke, John Cosby, Andy Evansen, Terri Ford, Jane Hunt, Kim Lordier, Michael Obermeyer, Joe Paquet, and Ron Rencher. The landscapes, flora, and fauna reflected in their nearly 100 artworks remind us of the profound beauty of nature while raising awareness and funds for the urgent need to protect the natural treasure of Catalina.

Registered attendees will receive a copy of the digital exhibition catalog to see all paintings and view videos of the artists approximately one week prior to the show. Sponsorship and priority ticket options not only provide early access to purchase paintings and mingle with the storied artists, but offer an opportunity to support the vital, unrelenting work undertaken by Catalina Island Conservancy to ensure that Catalina will be a haven for conservation, education and recreation for generations to come. General admission is free for both online and in-person attendees.

Catalina Island Conservancy is very appreciative of the support of Corporate Partner, Capital Group Private Client Services & J and Sarah Barnes, and Media Partner, American Art Collector Magazine and International Artist Publishing.



Checking in on Endemic Foxes

October is the start of the Conservancy’s annual fox health checks. Monitoring the Catalina Island fox (Urocyon littoralis catalinae) is vital for its conservation and long-term survival. It allows for informed decision-making, early intervention in the face of threats, and the preservation of a unique and endangered subspecies. During a health check, biologists gather data for research while providing foxes with vaccines for canine distemper virus and rabies, administer Ivermectin to reduce ear mites and Frontline to reduce fleas and ticks. The lessons learned from monitoring the fox have broader implications for wildlife conservation and management practices.



Back to School Off to a Great Start

The school year is off to a great start as the Conservancy’s education department continues its longstanding partnership with Avalon School and nearby schools to inspire future stewards of Catalina Island and deepen the organization’s relationship with the local community.

Education Programs Manager Cressita Bowman and Education Programs Coordinator Donald Beaver recently met with new teachers to explain the Conservancy’s close-knit relationship with Avalon School and the programs we offer including Island Explorers (K-6th & 8th grades) with funding assistance from National Recreation Foundation and Course Catalina (7th grade) thanks to the Boone Family.

These programs afford the opportunity for kids to learn in the wildlands of Catalina, bringing hands-on experience to captivate learners’ interest and curiosity. Catalina engages all of their senses, leaving a lasting impression on these future nature stewards.


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