Learning at Home

These activities bring Catalina and nature-based learning right to your front door.

The learning resources below are designed to encourage you to stay in touch with nature, wherever you are.


Quick Science Activities

Coloring with the Conservancy

It’s always a good time to learn about the unique species that call Catalina Island home. From blooming flowers to soaring eagles, this coloring book will teach you about local wildlife and give you an opportunity to showcase your creative coloring skills!

Coloring Book

Exploring Eggs

All birds, big and small, begin life after hatching from an egg!  Observing a chicken egg can teach us a lot about how all baby birds develop, and you can do this from home.

Let's Go Birding!

Birding is when people spend time in nature looking for different kinds of birds.  What kinds of birds can you discover in your neighborhood?

Activity Booklet

Pigeon Observations

Birds of the same species can still look different from each other. This is just part of their biology. Pigeons (rock doves) are an example of this. Use the provided field guide of common color phases to do an investigation of your own.

Activity Booklet

Spider Web Safari

Different types of spiders will create webs of different shapes and sizes. Take a ‘safari’ around your home or on a safe walk and look for different types of spider webs.

Activity Booklet

Exploring Flowers

We can learn a lot by looking closely at flowers. Take a minute to look around your home for a flower to observe. Use the provided guide to identify the different parts of a flower.

Activity Booklet

Create a Nature Journal

Creating a nature journal is a great way to combine artistic creativity with outdoor exploration. It’s a place where you can highlight discoveries, record thoughts or feelings, and express your artistic side. We’d love to see your journals!

Activity Booklet     Spanish Activity Booklet

Journal Prompt: Plant Observation

This activity focuses on plant observations over time. When you observe a plant over time, you can learn how its appearance may change depending on the season.

Prompt     Spanish Prompt