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Topside by NDMK is On Deck at the Trailhead

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Catalina Island Conservancy is looking forward to welcoming a new restaurant, Topside by NDMK, to the Trailhead visitor center in Avalon.

The NDMK crew is expanding with restaurant offering ‘Topside by NDMK’ scheduled to open in the Catalina Island Conservancy Trailhead visitor center in early June.

“It will be its own unique concept, but with our NDMK flair,” said Owner and General Manager Adam Thoricht, a fourth-generation islander. “We are continuing to focus on commercial local fishing and sustainable food as much as we can.”

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Topside by NDMK will have something on the menu for everyone. Chef Jose Perez, also the head chef at NDMK, is creating a menu of Italian-Spanish-American fusion with a focus on tapas. Thoricht added that the menu will include distinctive drink options for any time of day, including a breakfast ‘cinnamon toast crunch’ shot.

“Our group is all about surfing, fishing, and having fun,” said Thoricht. Those values influence the group’s various ventures including a clothing line started in 2014 and fish house opened in 2019.

Located on the second floor of the Conservancy’s flagship facility, the Trailhead, Topside by NDMK will offer extended seating on the building’s top deck. Not only does the third story have an amazing view of Avalon Bay, but also a native plant garden featuring many species native and – you guessed it – endemic to Catalina Island. On the ground floor of the Trailhead, patrons can learn more about those species only found on Catalina Island and the work of the Conservancy to protect and revitalize the delicate Island ecosystem.

“We are excited to have such a well-liked, locally-owned restaurant establish a new concept at the Trailhead,” said Conservancy Chief Operating Officer Tim Kielpinski. “We look forward to enjoying the great food and drink at Topside by NDMK and working with them during Conservancy programs at the facility like our Last Friday Lecture Series.”

For more information about Topside by NDMK, including information on hosting events, visit For more information about Catalina Island Conservancy, visit

Topside by NDMK is located on the second floor of the Conservancy’s Trailhead visitor center in Avalon.