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Climate Takes Center Stage at Islands Symposium

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December 2023

Scientists, researchers, and educators from Catalina Island Conservancy recently joined more than 600 conservation practitioners at the 10th California Islands Symposium. The inter-island meeting, included representatives from the Baja and Alta California islands including the Channel Islands and participants from New Zealand. The climate took center stage the first day of the gathering, providing an opportunity to learn from each other’s experience with this global challenge and discuss current research. Learnings from the symposium support the strategy behind the Catalina Island Restoration Project, which will increase the biodiversity and, in turn, the resilience of Catalina in the face of an increasingly uncertain future.



Rejuvenating and Inspiring with Native Plants

Catalina Island Conservancy recently donated more than 200 native plants grown at Ackerman Native Plant Nursery to Santa Cruz Island Foundation. Volunteers and staff from Catalina Island Conservancy, Island Packers, and Santa Cruz Island Foundation worked together to transport the mix of Catalina and Channel Islands endemic species across land and sea.



Holiday Garden Gathering

On December 9th, we enjoyed celebrating the season with visitors and community members at Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden. We savored the delights of freshly-baked cookies, created handmade ornaments, and ventured through the garden with our new garden packs. Our exploration on Catalina Island included gaining insights into its wildlife, and we were even treated to the presence of a falconer!



Planning a camping trip for 2024? Campsites open for reservations on January 1! Catalina Island has five beautiful hike-in campsites to choose from: Hermit Gulch, Black Jack, Little Harbor, Two Harbors, and Parsons Landing. Each have their own unique appeal and camping options. Have you been wanting to try a thru-hike? The 38.5-mile Trans-Catalina Trail is a great adventure, featuring stunning views and incredible, unique wildlife, while offering the opportunity to visit several campsites. Reminder – Conservancy members receive 50% off reservations at Conservancy campsites Black Jack, Little Harbor, and Parsons Landing campgrounds.



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