The Conservancy is committed to recognizing the free-ranging bison’s significance on Catalina as a heritage herd woven into the Island’s cultural and economic fabric.


In 1924, a herd of fourteen American bison was introduced to Catalina Island to provide the backdrop for the production of a film. The herd remained on the Island after filming was complete and since its creation in 1972, the Conservancy has accepted the responsibility of maintaining a healthy herd, while minimizing their impact on the important wildlands habitat of Catalina Island.

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Bison are large wild animals that can cause serious injury and even death. They can accelerate quickly to 35 mph and jump over 6 feet. Never approach, touch or attempt to feed bison. If you feel threatened, identify an escape route. Place a large object between you and the bison (tree, rock, vehicle), and give the bison a path to avoid you. Never box in a bison with people being both in front and behind it.

Bison Safety