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Freq. 120.675 122.7 122.5 Hawthorne 122.7


Approach Latitude Longitude
2602 (1000) 127.4 N33-24.30 118-24.95

Landing Fee:
$35.00  and higher depending on aircraft
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Overnight Fee:  $20.00 per night for single engine, $25 for multi.

The approach end of Catalina's runway 22 begins at the edge of a 1500' cliff. This gives the airport some characteristics similar to landing on an aircraft carrier that is 1,602' in the air.

Be Aware:
1) There are no familiar visual cues for altitude reference. You MUST rely on your Altimeter.

2) There is usually a strong downdraft at the approach end of the runway caused by the prevailing winds falling over the 1500' cliff. Be prepared for this downdraft and possible loss of altitude during your short final.

3) The uphill slope of Runway 22 can cause approach and flare problems for inexperienced pilots.   Runway 4 has a downward 2.2% grade so you will require a strong headwind before using this runway.

4) Most flying clubs require that on your first landing at Catalina, you are accompanied by a CFI or other pilot experienced with Catalina's features.

Landing Fee must be paid prior to departure or doing pattern work. Pilots cannot see aircraft on opposite end of runway due to the slope of the runway. No intersection takeoffs.   Practice landings must be full stop and taxi back.  No touch and go's.

CLOSED all other hours except for emergencies. 
Full stop landing only. For public use. Runway 22 first 2000' slopes up; remainder level. Because pilots cannot see aircraft on opposite ends of the runway due to gradient use of UNICOM prior to departure is mandatory.

Catalina Flying Boats DC-3 lands at the Airport in the Sky

Wildlands Express
Wildlands Express Airport Shuttle

Signpost at the Nature Center at the Airport in the Sky


General: Straight-ins are discouraged and must yield to aircraft on 45 degree to Downwind through Final.
Note: Straight–ins result in high % of go-around. “Tear Drop” entries not recom-mended.

Runway 4:
Note: This runway has a steep down slope, so it is not recommended unless you have a favoring head wind of 8 knots or better. Heavier/larger airplanes are at more of a disadvantage.
Enter the Left Traffic on a 45 degree for the Left Down-wind if arriving from anywhere northwest of the RWY Centerline. Southeast of the RNWY CL., Enter on a cross-wind or a midfield overhead, crossing at pattern elevation 2,600 MSL, and join the Left Downwind.
Runway 22:
Note: Runway has a steep upslope reducing stopping distances. UNICOM will recommend RWY 22 with up to 7 knots of tailwind.

Enter the Right Traffic on a 45 degree from Two Harbors when arriving from the Northwest of the RWY CL. Enter on a crosswind or midfield overhead at pattern altitude, if arriving from the southeast of RWY CL, Sequence in on the RT down-wind with other traffic. If other traffic is already established on the downwind, be courteous, and follow behind


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