Despite the global pandemic, Catalina Island Conservancy remains hard at work keeping the Island safe and accessible. We’re continually adapting our operations so you can continue to safely enjoy recreation time on the trails and at our public facilities.  But we are not immune to economic challenges.  With fewer visitors to the Island this year, we are increasingly reliant on donations to ensure our work is ongoing. 

We’re here for you, and despite the many challenges we are facing, great things are happening at the Conservancy!  What better time than now to focus on developing innovative ways to advance our conservation work, move educational programming online and make sure you can safely recreate on our beautiful open space land?  With your support anything is possible.

Please donate to the Conservancy today. Your generosity has never been more important. Enjoy tax savings too! The CARES Act allows a special universal charitable deduction of up to $300 for taxpayers without itemizing. It also increases the available deductions for contributions to 100% of AGI for individual taxpayers and 25% of taxable income for corporations.  

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